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Iain Murdoch


He spent 17 years underground but Iain Murdoch is no hobbit. A former Waitomo caving guide, Iain says his favourite superhero is the Invisible Man; we think he should be one of the Invincibles. Practical, reliable, respectful and incredibly good at what he does, Iain has slotted into the team as our very own Omni-Man. 

A former building remedial manager, Iain is in his element outdoors and, as it turns out, is quite at home on our big activity nets too. 

One of the absolute good guys, Iain generously shares his knowledge and experience of the construction industry at every site, enabling our team to deliver a quality play experience on every build.

Favourite part of the job?
All the boys toys to play with.

Where would we find you on a playground?
Big activity nets – they bring our Iain’s inner ape!

Favourite superhero:
The Invisible Man

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