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Holden Willson


From landscapes to construction sites to playgrounds, our installer Holden Willson’s ability to turn an open space into something pretty magical has meant he’s the perfect installer for the job here at Playground Creations.

Holden previously spent eight years working in the landscape and construction industry, and much like his idol, Batman, his scientific knowledge, detective skills and athletic prowess has put him in good stead for bringing our playground creations to life.

A dab hand at getting all the pieces of equipment in the right place, not to mention straight, Holden gets great job satisfaction from the variety of work he’s involved in here at Playground Creations. That’s good for us, because Holden has told us if he wasn’t installing equipment each day, he’d be taking to the rugby field with a silver fern on his chest!

Favourite part of the job?
Creating spaces for kids to enjoy.

Where would we find you on a playground?
In the open play area. I love the feeling of open spaces.

Favourite superhero:
The amazing mother of my two children… and Batman!

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