Hayley Oettli


From finance to beauty therapy to playgrounds, Hayley’s work experience is as eclectic as our range of playground equipment, but it’s this versatility of skillset that makes Hayley so good at what she does. As Playground Creations’ Office Administrator, Hayley’s knowledge of our filing system, stationery cupboard, not to mention our biscuit tin, is essential for keeping the wheels of our operation turning.

Hayley loves the friendly and playful culture within the Playgrounds Creations team and ensures that is extended to our relationship with clients. Her joie de vivre is evident in her sunny personality and we know, if she ever pursued her alter ego – to be an actress – she’d be a star!

Favourite part of the job?
The vibe!

Where would we find you on a playground?
The classic swing set. You just can’t go wrong and I love the feeling of flying!

Favourite superhero:
Wonder Woman! She is the most powerful and the strongest out of all the female superheroes. She is also known as the Goddess of Earth.

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