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Thomas Park

Project: Thomas Park, Morrinsville
Client: Matamata Piako District Council

The Ground
Thomas Park in Morrinsville needed a major makeover to create a more cohesive and exciting space for children to play. Thanks to funding from a generous philanthropist, the local council had the unexpected but wonderful opportunity to completely re-imagine a community playground. As the site of an existing playground the area was flat and easy to work with, with mature trees that could be incorporated to provide all important shade.

The council embarked on a comprehensive playground consultation process that ultimately saw more than 10% of the town engaged, including hundreds of children. This feedback provided the core concepts behind a fabulous new playground design that transformed the existing park from dull to dazzling!

The Creation
Playground Creations designed and installed an inviting and engaging space for play, with community references cleverly woven into the design. From a huge cowskin pattern wet pour area to the incorporation of local iwi motifs and a mural of children’s artwork, the playground is a true reflection of the Morrinsville community. Paths, park furniture, and landscape features are better integrated with the play space than ever before and make the area more inclusive and accessible.

Climbing nets, slides, swings, and seesaws provide much-loved playground classics, while scrambling hills, stepping logs, and rope work provide natural features and creative ways to move around the space. Percussion play, trampolines, and rockers were incorporated to allow for individual, focused play experiences.

The Play
From swings and nets to banister slides and balancing logs, there’s no shortage of ways to create play at Thomas Park. Climbing, swinging, balance, and grip opportunities have resulted in an exciting destination that children love to explore.

The large activity net is a central focus in the space and presents a challenging climb that requires co-ordination, strength, and confidence. Inbuilt tramps provide joyful jumping opportunities for all age groups, while overhead play equipment, is a perfect upper body strength challenge for older children. Toddlers and pre-schoolers have their own targeted play opportunities.

A small hill featuring rock climbing and ropes is perfect for scramblers, with two different styles of slides for a quick descent. A timber balancing beam and stepping logs provide further natural play opportunities, while seesaws and a carousel spinner encourage collaborative play.

The playground is a fabulous addition to the community that has ignited the magic of play for the children of Morrinsville.

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