Playground Components

Our playground components are designed to create safe and innovative play environments.


Swings let kids feel what it’s like to fly. It is a movement that refines balance, co-ordination and control. Our swings are available in either single bay (2 seats) or double bay (4 seats). Other sizes are available on request. Swing seat options include a belt seat or a toddler seat, basket swing or rope swing.


Slides help young children develop confidence and courage. Learning to let go is part of learning how to stay in control. Plus, they add that air of exhilaration to any playground experience. We have straight and curved slides, double jet slides and tube slides for the ultimate sliding experience.

Carousels | Spinners

Controlled spinning is critical to developing children's balance. We have a selection of Carousels which are low maintenance and will ensure your playground has inclusive play for those less mobile.

Flying Foxes

It’s a forward movement where children need more grip and use abdominal strength to hold on tight. It refines balance & strength and fitness. It encourages social interaction as students learn to wait their turn and return the seat ready for the next person, showing kindness and respect.

Natural Play

Natural play is a great way to develop a range of essential skills and abilities that enhance social, physical and emotional well-being. Creating play spaces that sit well in a natural environment inspire children to move in creative ways. Step outside and discover our many natural play items.

Activity Nets

The extensive surface area of the activity net enables a large number of children to play on a small ground area, thus maximising space and reducing expensive safety surfacing costs. Activity nets are sold worldwide and are certified to comply with all recognised safety standards.


At Playground Creations we seek the best people. The team we've created is highly skilled and experienced in manufacturing and design, and the external parties we work with match these qualities. Our bespoke design service means each playground is built to suit the site. Get in touch to start the creative process.

Your project. Our passion. Let's play!