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Networx components

From bridges to rail walks, river steps to wobbly logs, the range of Networx components from our industry partner, Kaebel Leisure, provides a rich play addition for playgrounds big and small.

These low-level elements can be linked together to encourage the development of balance and movement. Tamariki can test their balance on the lily pad run, develop coordination on the wave walk, or challenge their dexterity on the hex balance.

Combined with our Networx Design range, these components ensure the magic of play is enjoyed every day.

NW-5001 Tri Net

NW-5004 River Steps

NW-5007 Lilypad Run

NW-5010 Inclined Walk

NW-5013 Hex Steps

NW-5002 Timber Bridge

NW-5005 Rope Bridge

NW-5008 Jungle Balance

NW-5011 Hex Balance

NW-5014 Wave Walk

NW-5003 Rail Walk

NW-5006 Wobbly Log

NW-5009 Tri Steps

NW-5012 Hexagon Run

Networx designs

Children aren’t born with a sense of balance; they learn it through movement. Custom Networx designs challenge children to develop balance and coordination through a specific configuration of individual steps and modular components.

At Playground Creations, our designers can incorporate Networx designs into your play environment to ensure tamariki develop a range of skills and techniques, all in the name of play.