Lachie Forrester


Lachie Forrester is living the dream! No really! There is no place he’d rather be than here at Playground Creations. Ok, maybe there’s just one. The flying fox. It’s his favourite piece of playground equipment because it makes him feel like he’s flying and who’s to argue that one!

But if he’s not flying on a playground, you’ll definitely find him flying – or perhaps more likely driving – around New Zealand, installing playgrounds wherever he goes. It’s one of his favourite parts of the job. Installing playgrounds in every corner of our wonderful country.

So, if you see the Playground Creations truck in a town near you, give him a toot. It’s sure to be our playground assistant and installer extraordinaire, Lachie, just living the dream.

Favourite part of the job?
Being a valued member of the Playground Creations team.

Where would we find you on a playground?
Flying fox

Favourite superhero:
Zorro – he’s got amazing hair and always gets the girl.

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