Innovative design for greenspaces,
parks and reserves

Yes we could create a playground design and replicate it across numerous parks, but we don’t. Why? Because we believe every playground should be unique to its environment. 

We work collaboratively with councils and landscape designers ensuring each setting has
its own magic that we want to tap into.

Our playgrounds are built to last – so too are our relationships with our clients.
That way, fun can be had by all.

Council projects

From unique playground designs to flying foxes, swings, carousels, rockers, climbing walls, slides and see-saws, wooden benches and picnic tables, we have a wide range of equipment suitable for council parks and reserves. This equipment is low maintenance, extremely hardy and vandal resistant. Furthermore, our bespoke design service means each playground is built to sit naturally within the park’s environment.

Lets work together to deliver your vision. Get in touch.

Spotlight on Te Kopua Reserve

Te Kopua Reserve is picture perfect, set right beside the harbour in Raglan. Being walking distance from town, it is a popular family destination.

Working with Waikato District Council, we created a play space, paving, and park furniture that can be enjoyed by all.

A senior playground located close to the skate park provide challenges, and includes swings and Raglan’s very own crafted wooden surfboard balance.   

There is a space for younger children to explore, including a pre-school playground, climbing net and toddler swings.  

This reserve is set up for children of all ages to run round freely and explore a huge range of activities from sliding, swinging, spinning and balancing.    

It’s the talk of the town.

"Playground Creations is great to work with. It is collaborative and flexible to the needs and feedback from the local community and client. It designs and installs play areas that are innovative, fun and have a range of play activity, yet are cost effective and robust."

Christine Wildhaber  |  Parks Asset Co-ordinator  |  TAURANGA CITY COUNCIL

Architect projects

At Playground Creations we seek the best people. The team we've created is highly skilled and experienced in manufacturing and design, and the external parties we work with match these qualities. Our bespoke design service means each playground is built to suit the site. 

Get in touch to start the creative process.

Spotlight on Thomson Street Playground - Leamington

The community came together to celebrate the opening of the new Thompson Street Playground located on the corner of Shelley and Thompson Street in Leamington. 

Waipa District Council wanted this to be a space where families can come together and enjoy themselves, so have included features that both parents and children will love. The much loved flying fox and seesaw were to be included in the new design and plans are in place for the creation of a community orchard with fruit trees including feijoa and plum.  

Mansergh Graham Landscape Architects were engaged to redesign the existing playground that had fallen behind contemporary standards. This project creates a fun play and family space that encourages movement and path finding. 

The design uses stepping logs and recycled balance logs to create a forest of poles that weaves through the site for the children to explore, leading them between the various pieces of equipment and activities. A loop track cuts through the playground with smooth curves and roll over mounds, for scooters and skateboards, adding another dynamic layer of movement to the space. 

The end result is an open space that gives children the opportunity to play their own way, creating their own paths and stories.  

Playground Creations supplied and installed the playground equipment and completed the landscaping. We enjoyed creating this exciting play space that provides a good variety of play options for all age groups and abilities.

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"For a new attraction at the Avantidrome, Playground Creations were excellent at interpereting our brief and turning it into something spectacular. The quality of workmanship, creativity and innovative solutions were critical in delivering a wonderful community facility."

Jennifer Palmer  |  General Manager  |  BRIAN PERRY CHARITABLE TRUST